Ciara Bernard Joined the JUST1 Family for Race Season 2023

Ciara Bernard
Hometown: Monsoon, MA

My 2022 racing season was one I will never forget! Not only did I achieve one of my biggest goals, but one of my biggest dreams came true as well all in one year!

Coming into the 2022 season, I felt good physically but mentally I struggled. In July of 2021, I experienced an injury that I never knew would take me out for as long as it did, along with finding the confidence I needed to tell myself I wasn’t going to get hurt again. After months of doctors appointments begging to get back on the bike to only be told no over and over again really took a toll on me. Finally, after multiple scans and months of physical therapy and zero range of motion I was able to finally get answers as to what was wrong. I never thought being misdiagnosed for almost 6 months was really a thing, but no doctor could figure out what was wrong. Come to find out, I ended up breaking my upper tuberosity in my right shoulder, with a torn labrum and rotator cuff. I must say I was pleased to finally get answers but I still had no idea if I was going to be able to line up for the first race. Sadly, I had zero time to work out, and had no time on the bike before the first race. I ended up getting cleared one week before round one. The pain never subsided and I knew with only about 50% range of motion that this year was going to be a struggle. I knew after being taken out for most of the 2021 season that I wanted to come back in 2022 stronger than ever. I ended up signing up for both NEMX and Winchester Speedpark series knowing I was going to race as many classes as possible and accomplish my goals of earning my amateur plates. Coming into round one I really was unsure of what to expect, the nerves were there but I knew deep down it was my year. Each weekend I raced 250 C,450 C and Open C. The competition was there, and the first few rounds of the spring series weren’t my best with how weak my shoulder was and having zero time on the bike since last year. Some races, I truly felt as though it was the first race all over again which didn’t help me mentally. The results were not not what I wanted but I had to keep reminding myself along with my father that none of these kids are coming off an injury like mine and they had all winter to train. As much as I didn’t want to listen to my father, he was right and each week I pushed myself more and more until I was practicing twice a week and gaining as much strength back as possible. I raced every single weekend whether it was just Saturday or both Saturday and Sunday. Six motos a day especially in the heat was no joke for me but I kept telling myself to never give up and if my results were not there, I knew that it was only motivation for the following weekend. By the time the spring series was over for both organizations I achieved my goal of earning my amateur plates. The feelings I experienced were for sure something I could not even describe. 

On top of accomplishing this goal, I received a phone call from a California number not knowing who it was. I’ll never forget the moment that I was driving to pick up new tires and listened to the voicemail and realized it was from Just1 looking to take me on as rider for both the remainder of the 2022 season and all of the 2023 season. Instantly, my stomach dropped and tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t call back the number fast enough. Growing up, every kid always wishes to be a part of a team or just have that one sponsor that believes in you and notices all of your hard work. I would have never thought this would come to me. After being on the phone for about 2 hours discussing my accomplishments, goals and who I was as a person I was lucky enough to get a spot on the team. Multiple times throughout the phone call I had nothing to say but thank you as I was left speechless. The moment came when the phone call ended and I had no choice but to cry with tears of joy. 

Coming into the 2022 season with the lack of training and everything that came with it my year just got better and better. I couldn’t sign the contract fast enough once it was sent over. There was no question in my mind about joining Just1. Knowing they were new to the US I already told myself that I was going to promote this company in New England. Once I received my first package I tore those boxes open like a kid on christmas morning! The boxes were not opening fast enough, but when they did my jaw dropped. Everything I received between goggles, gear, helmet and accessories, I was blown away. The products were made so great, the gear was light weight, the goggles were durable and the helmets were so light. I couldn’t wait to try everything on. The fit of everything was probably the best yet. As a woman, I have always struggled with finding gear that fits good knowing I wear men’s stuff. Instantly, I was blown away and told myself I will never waste my money on another product. I couldn’t get the gear in my gear bag fast enough to pack for the weekend. I was beyond ready to test this gear out! After all of the racing and riding I did in this gear it still looks brand new. I can’t wait to see what I will receive for the 2023 season! Thank you Just1! 

I knew coming into the amateur class was going to be no joke. That meant the motos were double the laps, the competition was tougher than ever but I knew I was ready for it and there was no stopping me now. Even though I had to work a lot harder, I still made sure to sign up for as many classes as possible again knowing I needed as much seat time with the faster guys as possible. Each weekend I raced 250 B, 450 B, and Open B. Talk about being tired, six of those A/B motos really were a reality check as to how much harder I needed to work. Each week I tried to set a new goal for myself even if it was getting better starts or taking time off my lap times. I will say that no matter what goal I set, I made sure to achieve it. After watching the points each week I ended up being very pleased to know how well I was doing in the amateur class. I knew I had a chance at the championship and that’s exactly when I became more serious. 

I started to ride harder but made sure I was smart about it knowing that with one dumb move I could be out of commission once again and my season would be over. Mentally, I got stronger and stronger each week and as the race season came to an end I knew those championships were mine. As the last race came around, my finishes were where they needed to be to clench the championships and I did it! I never in a million years would have thought my first year in the amateur class that I would be a 2 time champion. Still till this day, I am speechless. It finally hit me at the banquet when I got called up for both the 250 B and Open B championships that all of my hard work paid off and by never giving up and that’s why I am standing up here today receiving my awards as a champion. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family and friends for all of the support. I have to give my father the biggest of thank yous because he is the reason I came out on the top spot. This man busted his butt in the garage every night for hours making sure my bikes were set and ready to race. It’s truly amazing the amount of time and dedication my father puts into me and my racing. There is no way possible I will ever be able to repay my father back for everything he has done for me but I hope seeing his daughter with all of the accomplishments I have with being a 13 time Women’s New England Champion and now a 2 time Amateur New England Champion puts the biggest smile on his face. With all of my years racing, I have accomplished more than most and I wouldn’t be able to do that without my father by my side being my biggest supporter and best mechanic I could ask for. With that being said, my 2022 season comes to an end by racing 2 organizations, 36 races, 114 classes entered, 6-8 motos a day, 12 top 10 championshipship point trophies, 2 Amateur class Championships, multiple iron man awards and one proud girl

Overall Championship Point Standings

Winchester Speed Park Spring Sereis:
250C: 6th
450C: 4th
OpenC: 6th

Nemx Spring Series:

Winchester Speed Park Fall Series:

Nemx Fall Series:

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  1. Lucky

    Welcome to the Just1 family!

  2. Ciara Bernard

    Thank you guys for believing in me! You’re awesome!

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