“Romain Febvre Makes His MXGP Comeback This Weekend”

Febvre testing his leg.

For the first time this season, Kawasaki MXGP rider Romain Febvre will make his comeback at this weekend’s German GP. The 31-year-old Febvre broke his tib/fib at the Paris Supercross late last year, but the healing process took longer than anticipated. He has been nacking on his bike for the last two-and-a-half weeks and feels food enough to return to racing.

Romain Febvre said, “I didn’t ride that much as of yet, I have only been training for two-and-a-half weeks so far, but the feeling with the bike is already really good so it’s time to get back racing. I will go to Germany without any specific goal; I would have liked to ride with Ben (Watson), but after his crash in Spain he was not able to practice last week. I’ve never stopped working on my fitness program, even when I wasn’t able to ride the bike, so physically I am ready and I think that my speed will be okay, but it will be more difficult at first to maintain the speed for the entire duration of the motos. But I must start somewhere. I’m not yet at 100% and it was better to be back in Germany rather than wait for Indonesia. I didn’t want to come back overseas; it’s much better to do so in Europe even if Teutschenthal is not the easiest track for a comeback. But I have some experience and know what is required.”

Romain Febvre will be back in the saddle at Teutschenthal.
Romain’s doctor told him to let pain determine how hard to try.

Kawasaki team manager Antti Pyrhonen said, “We are so happy to welcome Romain back to racing. He has been working extremely hard for his comeback and now it’s time to take the next step and start building his race fitness. We are proud of the fight Romain has been putting in through this tough period and, together with Ben Wayson, they will complete the team this weekend.”