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J22 Solid Carbon

J22 Solid Carbon


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  • Carbon fiber shell
  • 4 3K carbon fiber shell sizes
  • 4 EPS Sizes
  • New peak release system
  • J.1.E.R. Emergency Cheek pad Removable System
  • S.D.C and the E.R.C System
  • Double D retention system
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • PROTX 2 antimicrobial technology
  • New lining treatment
  • Fully ventilated EPS-lined chin bar
  • integrated vented roost guard
  • 9 intake and 6 exhaust vents
  • ECE Certification
  • DOT Certification
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Customer Reviews

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MotoRacer (Amazon Customer)

I can't believe I am the first person to leave a review on this helmet. I race and ride motorcycles, a lot, about 25 weekends a year and in multiple disciplines; road racing, hare scrambles, enduro, motocross and even a trials event or two. I buy about two new helmets every year, generally pretty expensive ones. This is a fantastic price for a fantastic helmet. Starting with the carbon fiber construction, it's noticeably lighter than the AGV it is replacing. The newest generation of helmets tout that they dissipate rotational forces and the component construction of this helmet (it's visible around the shell) appears to incorporate those principles. The interior pads are a nice fabric, nicer than some of my $900 road helmets. It has the quick release cheek pads with a clearly marked release mechanism. The built in screened ventilation looks good. It comes with a velvet bag, soft case and an extra visor. Coming from Amazon, I suspected that I might be getting a product with a date code from 2021 (or earlier) nope, the date stamp is July 2022. I hope I never have to really test this helmet but from all indications, this is a first class product at a breakthrough price.